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Make better investment and business decisions using NoSpinFORECAST’s economic forecasting tools.

Success in business and investing requires looking beyond the daily headlines to the trends driving the economy and the markets. It means getting a clear view of the fundamentals that set the economy’s direction.

NoSpinFORECAST offers just such insight for executives, investment managers and individual investors. It offers an outlook based on facts—not opinions—using a proprietary statistical model that has accurately predicted the economy’s peaks and bottoms over the last 56 years. is essential reading for anyone who needs to stay informed about the business cycle. No one does a better job of bringing perspective and clarity to macroeconomic analysis.”

                                                                                                               — James Picerno
                                                                                                                    Editor, The Capital Spectator

NoSpinFORECAST gives me plenty of warning when things are getting shaky, and I’m able to proactively make adjustments to my model portfolios.”

                                                                                                                — T. Erik Conley
                                                                                                                     Founder & CEO,

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No single set of numbers tells the story. NoSpinFORECAST provides a comprehensive review of the economic situation by looking at a range of indicators from industrial output and housing starts to equity prices. A key proprietary statistic that signals business cycle changes—the Aggregate Spread — is computed using inflation, unemployment, Treasury bond and Federal Fund rates. The forecast sticks with the numbers and the important relationships among them.

NoSpinFORECAST brings a welcome rationality to the frequently irrational practice of investing.”

                                                                                                                — Carol Sullivan
                                                                                                                     Money Manager

NoSpinFORECAST’s patented statistical model was developed by economist Robert F. Dieli, Ph.D., a forecasting veteran with more than two decades at major financial institutions including Chicago’s Northern Trust.  His readable charts and witty, in-depth analysis cut to the heart of the latest government and financial data and what it signals about our future direction.

Bob has great credentials, but I mainly go by the results and the logic.  His recession forecasting is first-rate, transparent.”

                                                                                                                  — Jeff Miller

Hard facts, not conjecture.  No spin.  Ever!